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The way path for i.s.h.med existing customers into the future.

The i.s.h.med® Model System supports care processes in hospitals on the current technological basis of i.s.h.med and does so completely independently of the underlying technology. The process model is used to drive the continuous digitisation of clinical processes and to optimise existing implementations on an ongoing basis - for example in the form of standardised modules.

For the specific requirements in Germany and Austria, Cerner has supplemented the global i.s.h.med Model System, which contains the cross-national standards, with the specific local legislation. Every three months or so, the HIS specialist releases a new version of the localised i.s.h.med Model System, which will be delivered to the customer via subscription.


For new customers, the localised i.s.h.med Model System is available with pre-configured standard modules and templates. For existing customers, it is part of an optimisation project - the provision takes place by means of a reference system at the customer's premises.

Dr Frederic Gerdsen, Senior Manager, Product Management and responsible for Sales Support in German-speaking countries, recommends not to proceed too selectively, but rather in a truly process-oriented manner:

"Before you want to transfer something into its environment, you should always look at the whole process. Because the localised i.s.h.med Model System is an integrated system that technically interlocks."

Within the framework of the project, it is then individually weighed and decided which processes in the standardisation benefit from a changeover to the localised i.s.h.med Model System and which should be converted and which should not. "Partners like INFORMATICS can support us in this," says Gerdsen.

"It's like Lego - it's difficult without a building manual: the localised i.s.h.med Model System is our tried and tested building manual for making the most of i.s.h.med."

Dr Frederic Gerdsen, Senior Manager, Product Management, Cerner


The task of local partners like INFORMATICS is to accompany their customers in the healthcare sector on their path of optimisation and to provide strategic advice. Only with the background knowledge of their implementation level, process coverage and special requirements it is possible to assess for which processes a conversion to the localised i.s.h.med model system brings the most added value for the customer and which adaptations have to be made in which timeframe.

From Cerner's point of view, the localised i.s.h.med Model System is the way to bring digital development and innovation to the customer. Looking to the future, it is important to standardise the systems at the customer's site in order to also establish the connection points for future cloud services. Because the localised i.s.h.med model system paves the way for the new generation of HIS.