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      SAP Plant Maintenance, the tool for clean maintenance and clear processes | SAP PM

      Task-oriented, consumption-led and financial processing with SAP PM: Take advantage of an extensive range of application areas for performance-based service management!

      SAP PM is ideally suited for in-house plant and machine maintenance as well as for the aftercare of customer projects and finished products. The module ensures a cleanly implemented reporting system with performance-oriented service management. This not only optimises the cost overview, but also guarantees performance-based billing. For this purpose, the company and process-relevant data is also seamlessly managed in the SAP ERP system during the entire process.


      The numerous Fiori applications of the SAP PM module simplify your own plant and machine maintenance and at the same time ensure a clean and interface-free data transfer to your SAP systems.

      New possibilities in system-based maintenance with SAP PM

      SAP PM forms the basis in the representation of the entire process from machine to human. Under the buzzword "Internet of Things" (IoT), we are creating new, more effective ways to collect and interpret machine/mass data at a meaningful speed. How? Your machines already have the necessary technology to communicate and synchronise with the ERP system.

      With the improved communication infrastructure, the increased performance of the databases and, above all, the prompt interpretation of this data, SAP PM opens up unprecedented avenues for system-supported maintenance. Topics such as "Predictive Maintenance", "Maintenance Planner" or "Incident Management" already form an important part of clean plant management and product follow-up here.

      Modern Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) with SAP

      With Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), SAP goes far beyond PM with IoT. Because the people behind the processes are also important and must be supported in order to work as effectively as possible. SAP PM already allows a clean allocation of workplaces and personnel resources. The SAP MRS (Multi-Resource Scheduling) add-on simplifies personnel and resource planning, work preparations and the coordination of activities. Using SAP Fieldglass, the right skilled workers can also be searched for in the ARIBA business network.

      Legal and regulatory compliant maintenance processes

      In order to meet the various legal requirements in the company, we have also laid the foundation for compliance-oriented processing with our own product INFORMATICS rta (rights and terms administration).

      If you are interested in effective PM, modern maintenance techniques, Maintenance Planner and innovative EAM - Enterprise Asset Management - with an experienced SAP partner, our team looks forward to hearing from you!

      Ready to find out more?

      Here you can find details about our RTA solution. An SAP add-on that helps you to map your maintenance tasks in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and to have them at hand at the push of a button in case of an audit.

      Key Account Manager Klaus Augner

      Do you have any questions?

      Our colleague Klaus Augner will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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