SAP date: Our job hit 2024

And SAP is doing well professionally!

How creative development opportunities in the
SAP universe, an open corporate culture
and a modern workplace?
We can tell you a thing or two about that:

Programmed for a career, the work is casual /
Update so that your career is SAP-ready /
You want to get ahead in your job, do your SAP date now /
The vibe is right, it makes sense professionally /
Our SAP projects are always a win /
Family environment, fairness is top priority /
It's not for nothing that they say this is more than just a job /
It's not just blah blah blah, it's a real opportunity /
There is a balance between life and work here /
That's why people like working at 4060 /
Because it's really SAP at INFORMATICS //
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Time for your SAP date!

Do you want to help shape our exciting SAP projects and become part of the INFORMATICS family? We look forward to meeting you!

HR Manager Ms Ines Sommer

Any questions? Your contact person:

Ines Sommer
Tel: 0732 68 19 59 42
Mobile: 0699 18 19 59 42