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Rights & Terms Administration

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      The only tool you need to ensure legal certainty

      Ensuring legal certainty in a company is a complex task. Our Rights & Terms Administration product was developed precisely for this purpose. This is a powerful and convenient SAP add-on that helps you map the administration of all legal provisions and the resulting obligations.

      Thanks to the complete integration in SAP, you work with the master data already available in your ERP and thus ensure that all relevant information on legal compliance is mapped in one system and can be proven flawlessly if necessary.

      RTA is the right tool to ensure legal compliance in everyday work.

      Klaus Augner, Head of Sales

      Key Account Manager Klaus Augner

      Why RTA?

      Audit and legal compliance processes are a broad field. A violation of a legal regulation can cost a company a great deal of money on the one hand, and also lead to irreparable damage to its reputation on the other.

      This is where RTA comes in: The comfortable user interface - the so-called cockpit - as well as integrated evaluation and monitoring functions make your task and activity management absolutely transparent and seamless. The intuitive and clear handling also simplifies the use across all departments.

      The advantages of RTA

      • Complete SAP integration - thus no interfaces to other systems and no media discontinuity
      • Connectivity to all SAP modules such as PM ensured
      • The use of the database integrated in SAP enables data consistency ("single source of truth")
      • Clear responsibilities
      • Easy handling incl. drag-and-drop functionality
      • Automated notification management
      • Use of the integrated SAP role concept
      • Individual RTA cockpit to check the current status of your completions
      • Completion of a task via RTA app (device-independent on smartphone, tablet, PC, MDE)

      Do you have any questions?

      For more information please contact
      Bettina Hetzmannseder - Head of Product Management.


      Click here to download the product data sheet.