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      SAP Basis - you can't do without it!

      Our SAP Basis team is responsible for the smooth and trouble-free operation of all programmes in an SAP system. Whether internally or externally at our customers, we ensure that the necessary IT structure runs smoothly.

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      The tasks of our SAP Basis team at a glance.

      The tasks of SAP Basis

      For your SAP system to have a high level of stability and security, it needs a good foundation. Therefore, the SAP Basis is the core component of every SAP infrastructure. Both in older versions such as R/3 and the current S/4HANA.

      It ensures that the necessary services and foundations are provided for the SAP system and all applications.

      The task of SAP Basis is to ensure trouble-free, smooth and portable (mobile) operation of the SAP systems in the company.

      Experts also refer to SAP Basis as the "operating system" for all SAP programmes - including in particular the ERP solution SAP ECC and its successor SAP S/4HANA, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

      "The department ensures the smooth operation of the programmes from R/3 and subsequent releases up to and including S/4HANA. This also includes all middleware programmes and tools."

      Bernhard Humer, SAP Technical Senior Consultant

      SAP Technical Senior Consultant Bernhard Humer

      Our services in SAP Basis operation

      The issue of security has top priority! We offer you the service of monitoring your SAP servers, as well as database and performance optimisation.

      Ongoing maintenance and the installation of SAP updates and patches must be simple in order to keep your system error-free in the long term. SAP NetWeaver benefits from this as well, because it can only make full use of its advantages as an integration platform if the SAP basis is professionally maintained and serviced.

      We make SAP Basis support as efficient as possible for you: We keep your server structure and applications up to date with sophisticated change management.

      The only question you still have to ask yourself as a company: Do you want to outsource these processes or not?

      This question is quickly answered when you consider whether it pays off or not?! You may leave the answer to us.

      A precise analysis serves as the basis for your decision. With our expertise and our technology partner, we are able to outsource large system landscapes in order to provide you with the best possible service.

      Key Account Manager Klaus Augner

      Do you have any questions?

      Our colleague Klaus Augner will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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