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14 August 2020

The basis of success

It's time to bring the colleagues from the SAP base in front of the curtain, because one thing is clear: "It won't work without us".


"It won't work without us", the employees of INFORMATICS SAP Basis write on their flags - and rightly so.

"The department ensures the smooth operation of the programmes from R/3 and subsequent releases up to and including S/4HANA. This also includes all middleware programmes and tools," explains Bernhard Humer, SAP Technical Consultant. The NetWeaver and HANA platforms, on which SAP programmes can run without any problems, are also part of SAP Basis.

The team's tasks include upgrades or the import of Support Packages. In upgrades, existing objects of the SAP standard are overwritten by newly delivered objects. In order to support the customer in maintaining the objects that were modified in a previous release, all modified objects are checked by the SAP Basis colleagues, among others, taken over depending on the relevance and the individual adjustments are ensured.


SAP Basis also helps with system monitoring. This includes logging, measurements and observations of system, error, performance or business data. Here you rely on the SAP Solution Manager, which creates the diagnosis service EarlyWatch Alert. The EarlyWatch Alert report provides detailed information on system status, performance, configuration, system operation, database administration and trend analyses.

"We evaluate and analyse the systems based on this report. Potential problems are detected early, bottlenecks are avoided and the performance of the ABAP and JAVA systems is monitored automatically and effectively."


The employees of SAP Basis must have special qualifications and certifications. Since INFORMATICS has been an official Value Added Reseller (VAR) of SAP since 2016 and is therefore certified as a "Partner Centre of Expertise", all employees need the expertise required by SAP. "The infrastructure must also fulfil clear requirements. For example, the complete support ticket logging and tracking must take place within the Solution Manager. INFORMATICS also uses the appropriate test or simulation systems for SAP ECC and Business Warehouse.

"This enables the SAP support consultants to test and simulate the same problems that a customer has. Expertise in SAP NetWeaver ocnsulting is of course also required. "Furthermore, it must be ensured that every customer has access to the INFORMATICS helpdesk 24/7", Bernhard Humer concludes.