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With the SAP Firefighter tool from INFORMATICS, managing special authorizations has never been easier.
special authorizations has never been easier

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      Overcoming challenges with a no-code firefighter solution

      Clear deputy authorizations in the company

      Execution of time-critical business processes in the event of bottlenecks 

      Traceability of access and actions by SAP emergency users

      Clear separation between maintenance work and regular access

      Managing the challenging integration of external employees


      Access Control meets Firefighter - creating security with User Access Management (UAM)


      Event-related limitation of permissions


      No user change necessary


      App development without prior knowledge of web technologies


      Complete logging


      Obtain and return authorizations independently


      Slim and affordable

      SAP emergency user / superuser - rethought

      The SAP standard does not currently provide an easily implementable way to give individual users within a system brief access to the transactions or tools they need at the right time.

      This is where User Access Management comes in: it is a fire-fighter tool that is fully integrated into SAP. This allows additional authorizations to be assigned to individual users as self-service profiles. These users can then temporarily activate the extended authorizations if the need arises. All activities that they perform with the extended authorizations are meticulously logged.



      Bettina Hetzmannseder
      Head of Product Management

      We opted for UAM to provide professional support for the different SAP authorization requirements in our specialist areas. It helps us to solve the respective tasks quickly and agilely.

      - Michael Fischer, Manager IT Solution Management Berndorf Band Group


      Our advanced user management tool enables an intuitive self-service authorisation concept without the need for users to laboriously log in again.

      - Klaus Augner, Head of Sales

      SAP authorization management process


      Management of SAP special authorizations -
      All the facts at a glance

      The fully integrated SAP Firefighter add-on User Access Management can also provide you with optimum support in your company. Discover a compact summary of the most important information in the product data sheet - free download!



      Bettina Hetzmannseder
      Head of Product Management