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User Access Management

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      Maintaining an overview with audit-compliant authorisation management

      The SAP standard does not currently provide an easily implementable way to give individual users within a system brief access to the transactions or tools they need at the right time.

      This is where User Access Management comes in: it is a fire-fighter tool that is fully integrated into SAP. This allows additional authorisations as self-serfice profile to be assignd to individual users. These users can then activate the extended authorisations for a short time if the need arises. All activities that they perform with the extended authorisations are meticulously logged.

      The self-service of the UAM tool allows short-term access to transactions

      UAM's simple interface enables self-service for certain authorizations. As here, for example, with transaction SE16, which was assigned at short notice for the troubleshooting of a table display.

      Why UAM?

      In practice, more system authorisations are often assigned to a user than are necessary for daily work. This applies especially to one-off authorisations, such as holiday or deputy regulations. Or in the case of departmental changes: Here, the old authorisations are often simply retained.

      This unregulated procedure complicates the traceability for the annual audit of the audit.

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      The advantages of User Access Management at a glance

      • Complete logging
      • Event-related limitation of permissions
      • No new user registration necessary
      • Ad hoc protocol for the audit
      • Direct assignment of users
      • Complete traceability in SAP Security Audit Log Monitoring
      • Direct allocation of department profiles

      Use User Access Management to always keep track of assigned authorisations.

      Our advanced user management tool enables an intuitive self-service authorisation concept without the need for users to laboriously log in again.

      Klaus Augner, Head of Sales


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