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Licence Central Connector

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      Licence management made easy

      The Licence Central Connector is an SAP communication framework developed by INFORMATICS in cooperation with Wibu Systems. The framework consists of numerous SAP modules that are used every day by numerous customers. These enable direct and smooth communication between the Wibu application CodeMeter License Central and SAP.

      CodeMeter License Central is an all-in-one solution for protecting, licensing and securing software applications. The tool provides a turnkey solution for end-to-end software delivery and streamlines back-office processes. By integrating CodeMeter with SAP, licence authorisation was integrated into the existing workflow and an end-to-end licence management process was implemented - a major advantage for Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

      Process flow

      Due to the close integration between the two technologies, as soon as a customer order for software licences is entered in SAP, an automatic connection is established between SAP and CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition.

      A licence is created in License Central, returned to SAP as an activation code and then sent by e-mail or passed on directly to the end customer on a delivery note. The end customer activates the licence via a licence portal or an activation wizard integrated in the purchased software.

      This ensures complete integration between the systems and guarantees a continuous workflow without media breaks.


      Advantages of Licence Central Connector

      • A central interface
      • Accelerated back office activities
      • No manual order processing and billing
      • Automatic licence generation
      • No errors in the transcription of the licence activations
      • Data evaluation in real time
      • Personalised training

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