The fully integrated SAP Add-on E-Mail Framework (EFW) from INFORMATICS enables harmoniously integrated mail communication and represents a useful extension of the SAP standard.

Table of contents
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    Table of contents
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      Sending emails from SAP presents challenges that can be overcome

      Requested changes to emails should be implemented more time-efficiently

      Sending to multiple recipients is possible

      Department address can be set as sender address

      Sending specifications directly from SAP

      Attractive designs for e-mails from SAP via HTML 


      Our low-code solution enables simple customizing


      Maintenance of the e-mail sender


      Subject and e-mail text can be changed by the department


      Customizing multiple e-mail recipients


      Additional attachments from the SAP archive


      Layout true to corporate design


      ZIP function for multiple files

      Sending appealing emails from SAP

      The development of new emails or the modification of existing emails is greatly simplified by EFW, as complex implementation steps are taken over by the framework.

      If errors occur during dispatch, they no longer have to be tracked in different transactions, but can be displayed centrally via the dispatch report.

      The e-mail framework not only allows visually appealing e-mails to be sent from the SAP system, it also reduces the effort and SAP knowledge required to quickly implement changes in automatic invoice dispatch.

      Anyone who has problems with e-mails from SAP will not be able to avoid EFW.

      - Wolfgang Wiesmayr, Product Developer

      In comparison - SAP Standard vs. INFORMATICS EFW

      Thanks to the intuitive customizing interface, changes to the sender, recipient, subject, text content or even the attachments of the e-mail can be implemented particularly efficiently. Things that are not possible in the SAP standard are no problem with EFW.



      Improved mail dispatch from SAP - all the facts at a glance

      Multiple recipients, attaching documents and integrating images or logos - all this is easy to implement with our e-mail framework. Discover a compact summary of the most important information in the product data sheet - free download!



      Bettina Hetmannseder
      Head of Product Management