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With the help of the fully integrated SAP add-on GOD from INFORMATICS, Office files are automatically generated with dynamic content according to a defined structure

Table of contents
    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents
    Table of contents
      Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

      Generating Microsoft Office documents with data from SAP doesn't have to be tedious

      Automated provision of MS Office documents with dynamic content from SAP

      Documents with exported data from SAP can be post-processed (MS Word, MS Excel)

      Additional software components for generating Office documents can also be installed on Linux-based server systems


      Convenient preparation of Microsoft Office documents with SAP data - one of many advantages that inspire


      Form design with MS Office tools and knowledge


      Quick and easy to use classes in Z-Reports


      Created documents can be edited further


      Tables for MS Word have extensive formatting options

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      MS Office products are not required for generation


      Data extraction and document generation takes place on the application server


      No OLE interface or client computers are required

      Generation of SAP Word documents - simple template design

      GOD is based on document templates that you can create and edit in Microsoft Office. The documents generated by GOD can be adapted to your company's corporate design and changes to the document design can be implemented quickly and easily.




      Bettina Hetzmannseder
      Head of Product Management

      Using GOD, the reports of voestalpine Stahl GmbH are conveniently prepared via a background job and stored on archive servers for retrieval at any time.

      The specifications regarding corporate design, formatting and table design are all supported.

      - voestalpine Stahl GmbH 

      GOD - a flexible and resilient tool

      These document templates can be enriched with data such as tables or diagrams from various sources using ABAP coding. sources using ABAP coding. This requires no additional add-on, no additional Office license and no OLE interface.  This means that documents can be generated directly on an application server if necessary.



      SAP document generation with GOD - all the facts at a glance

      Enrichment of Office documents (World, Excel) with data from SAP for reports. No Office license or OLE is required for generation. Discover a compact summary of the most important information in the product data sheet - free download!



      Bettina Hetzmannseder
      Head of Product Management