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      Human resource management is a wide-ranging field that covers a multitude of topics. This is precisely why it is important to rely on an overall solution that is oriented towards the requirements of contemporary human capital management (HCM).

      INFORMATICS HR Services GmbH as part of the INFORMATICS Group is exclusively dedicated to this specialist area and builds on many years of expertise.

      Human resource management made easy, with SAP Human Capital Management | SAP HCM.

      In doing so, we rely specifically on the integrated processes of the SAP HCM human resources module. The result is an SAP HCM solution whose functionality covers all HR areas.

      An overview of the most important functions covered by the module:

      • Organisational management
      • Travel management
      • Personnel administration
      • Time management (time recording and time accounting)
      • Payroll AT & DE
      • Recruiting processes
      • Knowledge management
      • Mobile applications in the HR environment and much more.

      Our core tasks for our clients

      As business process consultants, we support both SMEs and large industrial companies and work with their team to develop customised systems that are tailored to a company's requirements profile and fit seamlessly into the existing SAP environment.

      More and more international companies are also turning to HR outsourcing - here too, we are able to offer elegant, high-performance solutions that are designed for these new structures. In addition, we also offer SAP HCM System as a cloud solution in our data centre.

      In addition to consulting services, our daily tasks also include development activities in ABAP, SAP's proprietary programming language, and HTML5.

      Since 2017, we have also been offering a mobile solution in the area of travel management, which has already successfully simplified and standardised processes in large industrial companies. You can find more information about this under INFORMATICS Mobile Framework.

      In recent years, we have also focused on the implementation of ESS and MSS scenarios. SAP Employee Self-Services (SAP ESS) and SAP Manager Self-Services (SAP MSS) are web-based and mobile applications that allow employees to manage their personal data themselves. Among other things, this concerns core topics such as time recording, holiday planning or payroll accounting. In the meantime, however, there are numerous applications that relieve the HR department.

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      Keyvisual INFORMATICS HR Services

      Our focus is clearly on supporting our clients in the long term, advising them on technical issues and providing unbureaucratic support.

      The implementation in SAP must be carried out very carefully in the human resources area and still be designed flexibly, since, among other things, the legal framework conditions can change," team leader Harald Deckenbacher describes the demands of his team.

      Track your workforce metrics in real time

      The human resource management solution SAP ERP HCM is a powerful tool for monitoring, analysis and planning within your HR sector. One of the particular strengths of this SAP HR system is the implementation of customised HR strategies and programmes. Many processes run fully automatically and thus facilitate daily operations.

      By using components such as ESS and MSS (Employee and Manager Self Service), areas such as time management and travel management can be made more efficient. This optimises process chains and simplifies resource planning and responsibilities within the company. Other strengths of this system:

      • Talent Management
      • Organisation Management
      • Cost Planning
      • Time Management
      • Analytics
      • INFORMATICS HR Central

      "The staff base is enormously important for companies. After all, everything always comes together with people. In no other area of the company is this as visible and clear as in human resources."

      Harald Deckenbacher, Team Leader INFORMATICS HR Services GmbH

      Team Leader INFORMATICS HR Service Harald Deckenbacher

      SAP organisational management as a link for complex processes

      SAP organisational management maps the organisational structure and reporting structure of your company. Among other things, the current organisational structure can be analysed - a good basis for realistically simulating new scenarios and process structures. Access to the entire report structure allows the development of an effective workflow.

      The object-oriented structure of SAP organisation management makes it easy to link individual basic elements into a complex network that reflects your organisational structure.

      Would you like to learn more about individual areas such as SAP ESS, travel management or even holistic consulting in SAP HCM?
      Then please arrange a consultation appointment with our team today. We will be happy to support you as your partner for SAP HCM and modern, IT-supported HR management.

      Key Account Manager Klaus Augner

      Do you have any questions?

      Our colleague Klaus Augner will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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