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25 June 2020

Short-time work in SAP - A sensitive topic

Short-time work is one of the central instruments for companies to cope with the current economic situation.

1.3 million Austrians were affected by this in June 2020, and fortunately the trend is downwards.

COVID-19 caught everyone cold, both from an economic and a systemic point of view. Because although short-time work is a native component of the Austrian SAP HCM solution, the existing solution had to be adapted to the specifics of the COVID-19 short-time work solution. All without lead time and detailed specifications from the authorities involved.


"Our focus is clearly to accompany our customers through this challenging time, to provide advice on technical issues and to provide unbureaucratic support. The implementation in SAP had to be done very carefully and still be flexible, as the legal framework conditions are currently still changing," explains team leader Harald Deckenbacher.

The top priority in the cooperation with the customers is to manage the accounting of the employees concerned cleanly and to ensure the subsequent reporting for the accounting with the AMS. Only with correctly calculated lost hours can these be replaced by the AMS.

"All in all, we have mastered the adjustment of the payroll and time evaluation configuration with our customers very well. Together we were able to make an important contribution to our clients' HR departments during this very challenging time," says Deckenbacher.