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      Develop Fiori apps in no time without HTML5 knowledge

      Thanks to Mobile Framework, appealing, device-independent Fiori apps can be created quickly and easily. The practical thing about it: You only need basic knowledge of ABAP for this, which drastically reduces the effort required for Fiori development.


      Intuitive SAP Fiori interfaces can be effortlessly designed and brought to life with Mobile Framework

      What is SAP Fiori?

      SAP Fiori is the new generation of interfaces for SAP software throughout the company. The goal is device-independent apps that open up to the user through intuitive interaction design. Details about SAP Fiori can be found here.

      What is Mobile Framework?

      The Mobile Framework product is an efficient tool for developing Fiori apps in a simple and resource-efficient way.

      As a prerequisite for its use, only basic ABAP knowledge is required. This allows SAP Fiori applications to be implemented with little effort. Extensive, often non-existent HTML5 expertise is not required.

      With Mobile Framework, Fiori apps can be programmed statefully using shared memory, which significantly increases efficiency.

      Matrix of competences required for the development of a Fiori App with MFW

      Comparison of required competences

      As can be seen in the direct comparison between conventional Fiori development and implementation using the Mobile Framework, the required and necessary skills are significantly reduced.

      Thus, programming knowledge in HTML5 is no longer necessary, knowledge in ABAP is completely sufficient for the development.

      Matrix of competences required for the development of a Fiori App with MFW

      Comparison of expenses

      The graphical representation of the time and monetary expenditure clearly shows how the implementation via mobile framework positively differs from conventional development.

      The advantages of Mobile Framework at a glance

      • Fast realisation of Fiori developments
      • Higher development quality
      • Reduction of complexity and correction loops of developments
      • Short training for development and users
      • Only ABAP knowledge necessary
      • Intuitive operation
      • Increase employee motivation

      With the Mobile Framework, you can reach your goal faster: our technology saves you valuable time and the associated costs.

      Wide range of applications

      The areas of application for Mobile Framework are as diverse as the countless customisation options.

      Selected examples from use in practice:

      • Operating theatre cutlery documentation in the clinical area
      • Blood tube logistics and documentation in the hospital
      • Picking in warehouse and intralogistics
      • Storage/retrieval and retrieval in large logistics centres
      • Recording and approval of travel expense requests
      • Management of maintenance tasks

      The INFORMATICS Mobile Framework is a universally applicable tool that takes your process quality to the next level.

      Software requirements

      SAP ECC 6.0 with UI5 version 1.28.41 or higher, HTML5-capable browser on the client


      Do you have any questions?

      For more information please contact
      Bettina Hetzmannseder - Head of Product Management.


      Click here to download the product data sheet.