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      Adherence to legal, binding obligations | Compliance

      Compliance with all legal and internal obligations in the various business areas of a company is a comprehensive task. We support you in this. 

      Compliance regulates legal conformity in a company. This includes compliance with legal regulations as well as self-imposed ethical and organisational standards by a company and its employees.

      Compliance with legal regulations quickly becomes complex for companies: without central administration, including recording of the relevant regulations and corresponding monitoring of deadlines, it is only a matter of time before a violation is overlooked.

      A compliance management system is therefore necessary for every company to avert possible risks. Breaches of the rules can have far-reaching consequences, from lawsuits to damage to the company's image.

      With INFORMATICS rta you have your Compliance & Risk requirements under control

      INFORMATICS rta - Convenient compliance management for your business.

      Our INFORMATICS rta solution is a contemporary tool for ensuring compliance in all departments of a company.

      The compliance tool INFORMATICS rta (rights and terms administration), developed entirely within SAP, is an essential tool for your compliance management. A comfortable user interface - the "rta Cockpit" - as well as integrated evaluation and monitoring modules make your task and activity management absolutely transparent and seamless.

      Here you centrally manage all regulations for the individual departments and always have an overview of your audit and compliance processes. Possible application scenarios are:

      • Purchasing: Management of contracts
      • Warehouse: Management of legal and internal requirements
      • Accounting/controlling: management of recurring reports
      • Maintenance: Checking equipment and tools and their maintenance status
      • Distribution: Contract management
      • Production: management of public and internal production requirements
      • Personnel: Ongoing review and monitoring of person-related requirements

      The compliance-relevant information, requirements or documents of the individual departments are thus centrally accessible and easy to manage. Fully automatic monitoring, including corresponding notifications and a clear traffic light system, ensures that no official or private regulations or requirements are overlooked.

      With INFORMATICS rta, Compliance & Risk Management is organised within SAP and possible sanctions due to non-compliance are efficiently prevented. At the push of a button, you have the daily updated status of legal compliance in your company.

      There is no other management system for regulations in German-speaking countries that is fully embedded in SAP. This is what makes INFORMATICS rta stand out.


      By using INFORMATICS rta, you lay a solid foundation for up-to-date compliance management. Further advantages at a glance:

      • SAP object links
      • Use of SAP standard functions
      • Task processing using a simple FIORI app (device independent - whether smart phone, tablet or desktop)
      • Flexible links to other SAP modules
      • Central evaluation tool

      The well thought-out escalation management prevents non-compliance situations at an early stage.

      Ready to find out more?

      Would you like to learn more about how INFORMATICS rta can support you in your compliance management? Then make an appointment now with our team, who will provide you with comprehensive advice and be happy to answer all your questions.

      Customer testimonials

      Simple and clear
      The new management for regulations administers all notifications for the Linz site, from simple building permits to extensive EIA procedures. It is extremely complex: the legal information it manages is linked to countless data in the background. In such a way that the user interface remains simple and clear. INFORMATICS rta meets the requirements we place on a management for regulations - the feedback from colleagues who work with it is positive all around.

      Gerald Maschek,
      Project Manager Environmental Department, voestalpine Stahl GmbH

      Key Account Manager Klaus Augner

      Do you have any questions?

      Our colleague Klaus Augner will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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