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Everything that is legal | Audit and Compliance

Ensuring legal security in companies and always staying up to date is complex. With INFORMATICS RTA you get the ideal partner on board who significantly simplifies the management of rights and obligations.

When it comes to the audit and legal compliance process in all its complexity, you often can't see the forest for the rules. Violations not only result in high penalties, but can also lead to major reputational damage - up to and including exclusion from public contracts. For this reason we have developed INFORMATICS RTA. RTA stands for Rights & Terms Administration - and that already says a lot. The SAP add-on of INFORMATICS is a software for legal terms integrated in SAP. It administers notices, contracts, laws, requirements and the like. Especially maintenance-intensive companies with numerous documentations and legal regulations are supported powerfully in the administration and the resulting obligations. "RTA is the right tool to ensure legal compliance in everyday work," says Klaus Augner, Head of Sales at INFORMATICS.

"With RTA, you're able to map and document all relevant legal compliance information in a single system."

Bettina Hetzmannseder, Head of Product Management INFORMATICS

Simple handling of complex topics

RTA is the only program you need for this. Due to the complete integration in SAP, you seamlessly access your master data ("single source of truth" principle). There is no media break. "All relevant legal compliance information is mapped and documented in a single system," explains Bettina Hetzmannseder, Head of Product Management at INFORMATICS. Requirements can no longer be overlooked, as automated notifications inform you in time. In addition, the current status of tasks and activities can always be checked in the RTA Cockpit, the user interface in the form of a traffic light system. Thus, everything remains transparent and traceable. Since audit and legal compliance are already complex enough, we focused strongly on intuitive and simple handling during development.