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Zebra makes stationary HIS processes mobile

With innovative devices, the Zebra Technologies Workstation Connect Cradles, the seamless integration of mobile and stationary HIS processes is raised to a new level.

Zebra Technologies Workstation Connect Cradles are a completely new way to drive digital transformation in healthcare. These innovative devices from Zebra Technologies can connect handheld devices and tablets to clinical information systems (HIS). This opens the way to an efficient, seamless way of working in the clinical environment. Many hospitals are already using virtualization software such as Citrix Desktop, which allows for flexible device use in a healthcare environment. "However, the introduction of the Zebra Technologies Workstation Connect Cradles with their docking station function in conjunction with our specialized software solutions creates a significant leap in efficiency and ease of use. With this software, we enable seamless integration of Fiori technology, with which clinical processes can now also be carried out on the move," says Peter Altreiter.

CEO INFORMATICS Healthcare Peter Altreiter

"However, the introduction of Zebra Technologies Workstation Connect Cradles as modern 'docking stations' in conjunction with our specialized software solutions creates a quantum leap in efficiency and ease of use."

Peter Altreiter, Managing Director INFORMATICS Healthcare

Booster of clinical digitalization
Zebra Workstation Connect impresses with its intelligent, innovative control of application scenarios. When the device is inserted into the cradle, the virtualized interface is automatically activated and can be conveniently operated with a keyboard and mouse - just as before with a normal client. For mobile applications, the adaptation takes place automatically, without additional user interaction, via Fiori technology. This makes it possible to switch smoothly between working environments. This significantly increases the efficiency of clinical processes. "User control and security-relevant aspects, such as user assignment, are ensured," explains Peter Altreiter. As the handheld or tablet is always with the employee, it is no longer possible for several people to work with the same user or for the workstation computer to remain unlocked. "Thanks to their 5G capability, Zebra Workstation Connect Cradles can even be used as an internal telephony infrastructure in the future, for example when operating a hospital-wide 5G network." INFORMATICS Healthcare is already looking forward to presenting its customers with test setups or presentations of the scenarios outlined.

Zebra Workstation Connect

With the powerful Zebra Workstation Connect solution, Zebra mobile devices are easily transformed into workstations and the devices can be used in two ways. The applications running on the mobile device are displayed on a large screen and the peripherals required for the task at hand (e.g. mouse) can be used. This makes use of the additional screen space. Users can use different applications on the mobile device and desktop at the same time, change window sizes and open multiple apps in multiple windows, simplifying the infrastructure.