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28 July 2020

Implementation of SAP interface to BMD


As a manufacturer of machines for plastic films, SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH is a true global player in its niche. Originally, SML was part of LENZING AG. After becoming independent, the processes were also gradually separated from the former parent company.

INFORMATICS already introduced the HR tool SAP HCM in 2018. At the beginning of 2019, time management was removed from LAG and the next step was taken in January 2020: payroll accounting - once bought in as a service - is now done in-house. This means that SML has all the processes of personnel accounting (PA) in its own hands.


However, the new PV department does not rely on SAP, but on BMD. In order to transfer the data from SAP HCM, in which time management and logistics processes are also linked, to BMD, a new interface was needed. This was implemented in time before the Corona crisis. All data necessary for time recording and organisational management is recorded in the mini-master record.

This is transferred to BMD on a monthly basis. There, the relevant personnel master data is enriched and settled. With the interface, INFORMATICS ensured that there is no loss of data and that the direct data transfer from SAP to BMD is guaranteed by means of the mini-master record.