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Process acceleration, real-time evaluations, real-time reporting: buzzwords that are inseparably linked to SAP FICO under S/4HANA. Data of the highest quality has never been available faster. BBRZ is already using this "data turbo".

Process acceleration in reporting

When it comes to reporting for companies, no stone has been left unturned in recent years. BBRZ is also aware of increasing requirements, more transparency and large volumes of data that can hardly be managed without technical aids and is therefore relying on the "data turbo". S/4HANA makes even this Herculean task child's play with embedded analytics. BBRZ relies on modern options for operational reporting in finance and thus accelerates its processes.
Data can thus be evaluated and analyzed centrally directly - and no longer via detours in the ERP system - and thanks to drilldown to the smallest detail, and in real time.

Real time data

In the course of the conversion to S/4HANA at BBRZ, SAP FICO (Financial Accounting/Controlling) was also converted. Thus, previously self-programmed Z-reports were replaced by the Fiori report. This is available in the new interface and offers a completely intuitive user experience. One of the key added values, however, is embedded analytics. In fractions of a second, for example, every smallest transfer can be found in the system and statistical evaluations can be created down to
the most granular level. The enormous speed acceleration is due to the
new data model and the HANA database. It is an in-memory database, which
keeps the data completely in main memory. What used to take up to several minutes because
data first had to be loaded from the ERP, can now be retrieved in real time -
evaluations that always reflect the current status. In everyday work, massive time savings are thus possible when controlling data quality.

Evaluations in seconds

Associations" provide a further huge increase in performance. This means that only the required tables are read by the database "on demand", and precisely those that are actually addressed in the evaluation. Previously, all the information in a database view was always evaluated - including information that was not required, which caused additional computing effort. "Data bycatch" is now avoided. Embedded analytics is the most efficient solution for data evaluation and processing. It enables employees to create complex evaluations themselves at the touch of a button. This relieves the burden on IT. The result can be immediately shared with other users as a link via e-mail. The data does not leave the system. Real-time reporting is no longer just a buzzword, but a living reality, on all end devices. A living reality that has now been successfully implemented at

"Embedded Analytics represents the most efficient solution for data evaluation and preparation. Employees are thereby empowered to create complex evaluations themselves at the push of a button."

Dieter Lamb, IT Management BBRZ GROUP