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Zebra and INFORMATICS transcend system boundaries

Zebra Technologies and INFORMATICS Healthcare are committed to implementing simple and smart processes and simplifying work in clinical facilities. The partnership we have maintained for several years with Zebra Technologies, the world's largest provider of devices and software for data capture and processing, has already helped several customers to improve their processes.

The barcode scanners are used in various industries, for example at our customer Mich. Weyermann or Austria Card AG, for example, they are used for recording goods, labelling samples and picking in the logistics sector. In the healthcare sector and in clinical facilities, medical staff benefit from this symbiosis between Mobile Framework and Zebra, for example in the area of blood sampling.

The devices are lightweight, mobile and have a barcode scanner as well as an RFID scanner included in the device. Zebra's Android development partnership with Google ensures a software update of the Android base system for up to 10 years. This makes an investment in Zebra devices and applications based on SAP a sustainable decision.

The best of both worlds

With Mobile Framework, it is already possible today to extend Fiori applications with the barcode interpretation function. However, it has been shown that Zebra's barcode module has an unbeatable camera sensitivity and is therefore recommended for the general use of our solution. This sensitivity becomes an unparalleled added value of the scanner devices especially in low light conditions.

Zebra devices can also be used to meet the requirements of hospital information systems and healthcare providers. For example, the MFW and SAP i.s.h.med can be used to handle MDR-compliant processes in hospitals and clinical facilities.

The practice-oriented solutions build 100% on the API's provided by SAP i.s.h.med and thus prevent the need for interfaces across system boundaries. Based on this architecture, only MDR-certified modules are used in the core processes and legally compliant operation is ensured for the hospital.

Online Event: Healthcare and Digitalisation

How mobile devices open the doors to MDR-compliant processes in SAP i.s.h.med in practice was demonstrated by our healthcare experts in July at the online event "GS1 meets Zebra" on the topic of healthcare and digitalisation.