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Course documentation in Schwarzach

The Cardinal Schwarzenberg Hospital in Schwarzach is considered a pioneer in the area of process improvement. Another groundbreaking project is currently on the home straight. The integration of the i.s.h.med progress documentation into a PDM system is currently running in test mode.

The i.s.h.med progress documentation component can be used in outpatient and inpatient clinical operations. It enables the recording of occupational group-related entries about the course of a patient treatment in a chronological context. Delivered as an SAP standard product, the progress documentation was adapted by INFORMATICS according to customer-specific requirements and the presentation was clearly expanded.

Mobile documentation via MFW App

The simple handling for the staff (doctor, nursing) is done via an MFW application in a mobile interface. The progress documentation entries are displayed, edited, changed and saved directly in the PDM system without an interface from SAP.

The progress documentation is seamlessly integrated into the intensive care system, so that the user can simultaneously perform intensive care tasks and, on the other hand, VD documentation. The test phase is running smoothly so far, the go-live for all wards is planned for Q2/22.