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Covid app: contact tracing made easy

The Corona Pandemic has been with us for much longer than anyone would have thought possible. The legal obligation to keep records of guest and staff attendance is a challenge for many companies.

While this is still easier to manage for smaller companies, clean documentation is much more difficult to implement for large companies with several hundred employees and different access points.


Salzburg AG, the energy, transport and telecommunications provider of the state of Salzburg, recently opted for our COVID app, which is as simple as it is powerful. The fully SAP-integrated in-house development makes it easier for the company to comply with its documentation obligations in a user-friendly way.

The app, which is used at several entrances at the respective reception, allows guests to sign in and out effortlessly with a time stamp and contact data. The employees themselves use the time booking terminals as usual, whose data is read out from the HR system by the COVID app. If a suspicious case occurs, it is easy to determine via the evaluation page who - whether employee or guest - was present on the day in question and potentially had contact.