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17 March 2021

Mich. Weyermann® takes the next step towards digitalisation

The family business Malzfabrik Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bamberg (Germany), is the world market leader in the field of special malts. Founded in 1879, the traditional company specialises in the production of malts, organic malt and kosher malt that is sold all over the world.


The Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG has increasingly focused on process digitalisation and resource conservation in recent years. Therefore, the sales department initiated the automation of the outgoing invoice process using Outlook to replace the previous paper processes.

The goal was to minimise manual invoice dispatch and to convert as many customers as possible to automatic invoice dispatch.

The focus was on the uniform design of the mails in compliance with the corporate identity and the optimisation of the dispatch process. A consistent corporate design as well as the consideration of the corporate language and the guidelines of corporate communication are essential for the traditional company.


Together with the teams from IT and sales, a concept was developed based on the INFORMATICS E-Mail Framework (EFW). This consultant solution helps to map complex mail requirements (e.g. layout, HTML texts, attachments) generically via the customising user interface to the documents.

The diverse design options allow Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG to implement the various requirements in the area of email signatures. These range from different fonts, font sizes and colours to a graphic logo integration and the embedding of social media links.

In this way, a multitude of different user signatures could be implemented multilingually in the SAP system, whose layout structure was designed graphically uniformly. A consistent corporate identity was thus ensured for the entire sales side.  

The smooth implementation 

The implementation was very simple - the e-mail framework, which is fully integrated into SAP, was developed by the IT department of Mich. Weyermann® GmbH & Co. KG via a so-called transport into SAP. A few lines of code and EFW customising later, the new emails could already be tested by the specialist department and went live shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, the EFW is fully in use on the sales side - i.e. all previous paper processes (offer, order, delivery note, transport, invoice) can be replaced by the EFW.

For the internal use of the EFW, however, the focus was not only on the design requirements, but also on the implementation speed and the simple customisation of the e-mail recipients and texts without programming or special customising knowledge .


EFW's seamless integration with the SAP system allows the sales team to send invoices automatically, after saving or after an automatic invoice run, to one or more contact persons/email addresses of the customer.

For this automatism to work, clean debtor and contact person master data are the be-all and end-all. In addition, further recipients can be added in EFW in the event of different responsibilities (e.g. project management, responsible employee, etc.) as a copy (cc) or blind copy (BCC) when invoicing.

The simplified accounting process

Here it is particularly important to ensure that the invoice is sent by the actual clerk in terms of the system - i.e. even if the invoice is sent by the automatic invoice run, the clerk is stored as the sender of the e-mail. This ensures that all persons involved are specifically addressed and that invoices are correctly issued without any loss of communication.

As soon as an invoice has been saved or the invoice run has taken place, the customer receives an e-mail per invoice with the invoice attached as a PDF. The person who entered the order at Mich. Weyermann® also receives a copy of the email.

If errors occur during dispatch, they are no longer tracked in different transactions, but are displayed centrally via dispatch reporting.

The intuitive and easy-to-maintain use keeps the internal training effort of the specialist department low.

By automating the digital outgoing invoices, an important business process was implemented on the one hand and customer satisfaction was increased on the other. In addition, the internal effort was massively reduced. All in all, the EFW helps us save resources and make our contribution to the environment. Printer ink, paper, stamps and the associated logistics costs are saved.

Larissa Diesendorf, Export Coordinator and Sabine Weyermann, Managing Director Mich. Weyermann®