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11 September 2022

Partnership of DIG and INFORMATICS

Efficient third-party solution integration

By integrating third-party solutions into SAP process landscapes, all requirements for digital business processes can be met. However, it is essential to sound out the framework conditions for the interfaces at an early stage. The partnership with DIG shows how such coordination contributes to project efficiency: The Linz-based company is an expert in the digitization of purchasing and has been working closely with INFORMATICS since 2005.

"In 17 years of cooperation, we have become a particularly well-coordinated team," reports Wolfgang Wiesmayr, Team Leader INFORMATICS. His counterpart from DIG, CCO Harald Allerstorfer, emphasizes the logic of early collaboration: "The importance of interfaces in the interaction of ERP and eProcurement is obvious. As soon as we start a project with a company that uses SAP, we contact INFORMATICS already in the conception phase!"

Harald Allerstorfer, CCO, DIG
Team Leader and SAP Senior Consultant Wolfgang Wiesmayr
Wolfgang Wiesmayr, Team Leader SAP Applications, INFORMATICS

The advantage comes from the team

Well-rehearsed processes are a core element of the successful duo DIG and INFORMATICS, Wiesmayr emphasizes: "Even if the requirements change in the course of the project, we can economically consider adjustments based on these processes!" For Allerstorfer, team play and enjoyment of collaboration are the keys to success: "The people in charge know each other well and know what each other needs for the project to go according to plan." This experience in working together saves deadlines and coordination rounds. "For the customer, this means a more economical use of time and money," says Wiesmayr, summing up the advantages.

Efficiency factor human-human interface

"Due to the early cooperation in the concept creation, we know all the building blocks and what we have to configure and how," describes Wiesmayr. In the further course of the project, INFORMATICS takes over all SAP-related work and takes care of implementation, configuration and the opening of access for DIG. After the interfaces have been imported and published, it's DIG's turn again, says Allerstorfer: "Our interface specialist defines where there is still a need for adaptation." This close coordination at a high technical level also extends through testing and analysis, Wiesmayr is pleased to say: "In this way, we achieve impressive performance together!"

Proven partnership

The team of DIG and INFORMATICS has already proven itself in more than 50 projects (e.g. for Palfinger, Uniqa and Magna). This has resulted in a particularly trusting type of cooperation, emphasizes Wiesmayr: "DIG regularly takes over the project management, but our cooperation is far removed from the typical subcontractor relationship!" Instead, he says, the focus is on convincing work: "Our mutual trust allows us to communicate directly with the customer at every level." Especially when problems arise, this promotes solution efficiency. "We may be two teams of experts, but we act as if from a single mold - that's exactly what distinguishes our partnership!" says Allerstorfer happily.