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Our candidate with heart, brain and vision: Richard Simmer

Our top candidate Richard Simmer is CEO of INFORMATICS Consulting & Development GmbH since 2020, whose focus is on SAP consulting and development. With his team, he advises and optimizes customer processes in all areas along the supply chain up to the base operation. His passion for improving business processes is contagious and inspires his team to give their best for our customers every day and to go the extra mile for it.

In addition to his technical SAP expertise, Richard Simmer is characterized by his human side. His credo is communication at eye level, which creates a value-free environment in which empathy and team spirit are encouraged. These qualities help to create a positive work environment where everyone is motivated to give their best and everyone is aware that they are an important gear to achieve the set goals.

As a visionary, Richard has a clear idea of where he wants to go with his team in the future. He strives to continuously break new ground in order to further expand the expertise of his staff / employees, provide high-quality services and thus be a consistent, competent partner for our customers. He is also always ready to take on the challenges of the market together with his consulting team and to find innovative solutions together.

His commitment to excellence and teamwork is a role model for anyone who wants to work in the field of SAP consulting and development. Because Richard is "one who programs your language".

Do you also want to work in a future-oriented team - then give your vote to Richard Simmer. Because you have the choice! 💙