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Our top candidate and CTO: Henry Ritzlmayr

Top candidate Henry Ritzlmayr is co-owner of the INFORMATICS group of companies, CTO of INFORMATICS Holding GmbH and is considered a luminary when it comes to SAP Basis processes. His competence and many years of expertise as an SAP consultant make him a constant foundation of our group of companies. He is a CTO who respects and values not only his customers but also his employees and colleagues. 

As a candidate, he represents clear positions and goals and is committed to continuous and technological development in the SAP environment. His way of questioning problems and tackling complex challenges motivates others to do their best.

Overall, Henry Ritzlmayr is someone who impresses with his technical expertise, personality and passion for his work and is happy to share the broad knowledge he has acquired with motivated like-minded people. As a dedicated and passionate campaign candidate, he strives to get his message out to technology enthusiasts. Because Henry Ritzlmayr stands behind " If you want SAP, you have to vote INFORMATICS". 💙