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Our top candidate today: Harald Deckenbacher

The SAP HCM candidate convinces with decades of expertise and attention to detail. Harald Deckenbacher is co-owner of the INFORMATICS group of companies and also team leader of INFORMATICS HR Services GmbH. He is a passionate consultant and developer and loves to optimize HR processes together with his customers. Harald Deckenbacher has a clear vision: Helping people to help themselves! He uses his skills to simplify complex processes and develop efficient solutions, giving his clients important quality of life and time.

His sports background enables him to live the importance of teamwork and perseverance in a professional context. He actively promotes an open, transparent and inclusive corporate culture.
His years of experience as an SAP HCM Consultant, his analytical skills and his vision for a better future make him a strong candidate who is happy to share his expertise with his team.
Harald Deckenbacher has his heart in the right place and is one "who programs your language". Your vote for our top candidate means a profound knowledge build-up in the field of SAP HCM.

You have the choice - vote for (d)a career in SAP HCM! 💙