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Rotax builds engines - not just any engines, but special engines that keep things moving on land, in water and in the air, including for light aircraft. Thanks to new PPS (Personal Productivity System), Rotax now has an easy bird's eye view of all personnel data.

"It was a matter of replacing two old systems, some of which could no longer be properly maintained," describes Elisabeth Steinbach, SAP PP Consultant and Developer.

In spring 2021, work began on setting up the new PPS (Personal Productivity System) for assembly and production and fully integrating it into SAP. "This documents the punch times, i.e. working times, and the quantity of machines and engines that leave the assembly line every day," says Steinbach. At the end of the month, productivity can be evaluated through data interleaving.

"Thanks to new PPS, Rotax now has an easy bird's eye view of all personnel data."

Elisabeth Steinbach, SAP Logistics Consultant INFORMATICS, was responsible for the entire handling and development of the new PPS system at Rotax.


In addition to functionality, the focus was on user-friendliness. "We created a kind of drilldown that gives you an overview of the entire assembly hierarchy, all business units and workstations, right down to order messages. The system is extremely linked and provides the customer with data from the high flux level down to the smallest detail," explains Steinbach. To this end, the function of internal activity allocation is built in. If employees are deployed at another unit, they can be assigned to the correct cost center. "So you always have true costs." Premium recording was also a key point. Rotax pays out premiums based on productivity. Based on the PPS data, these are now calculated automatically. Of course, the shift models were also incorporated. The productivity of the shifts can thus be compared.


The cooperation between Rotax and INFORMATICS was ideal. "The project was 99% remote, I've only been to the client twice" There were coordination meetings once a week, and the customer's feedback was implemented immediately. This resulted in the speedy completion of the project. The short-cycle coordination turned out to be a big plus in the execution. "We celebrated the go-live with a meal at which I met my colleagues from Rotax in person for the third time," smiles Steinbach.