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Product Solutions: Magic Tools

The Wizard of App: the new Wizard and SimpleForm features make building an app possible in 60 seconds!

The Mobile Framework (MFW) makes it possible to build your own apps in the highest quality much faster than ever before. The latest features in MFW are called "Wizard" and "SimpleForm".


Wizard lives up to its name, because it sounds simply magical: "We can now build an app within 60 seconds, without doing anything at all," says Viktoria Palnik, responsible for MFW product development. You simply select which fields you want to add from the editing structure and the fields create themselves with the right attributes, as if by magic. "This gives you a uniform look and feel across all apps in a company.


Equally magical is SimpleForm. "With this control, it's possible that the app's display now looks really good on all platforms, whether it's on a smartphone, tablet or computer." Simple Form scales itself automatically. "With SimpleForm, users no longer have to worry about their app scaling to the screen size they are using when it is used on different screens."