SAP Logistics

SAP Logistics

SAP Logistics – we accompany you from the procurement to the implementation of your operating processes.

With SAP Workflow you are up to all challenges. Visualize complex decision making paths and processes in a simple, clear way.

Increasing customer expectations require increasingly complex supply networks. With the right SAP solution for professional supply chain management, you can achieve extremely short response times and an accelerated, optimized procurement process. 

Workflow allows the efficient integration of sequences, and ensures contractual adherence, from the customer and supplier side. Whether procurement, warehouse management, production, project handling or sales processes, INFORMATICS is a competent partner in the area of process automation, with tailor-made SAP solutions.

Warehouse – WM and EWM in use

SAP offers the best system for intralogistical movement of goods: EWM - Extended Warehouse Management - is one of the leading warehouse management systems and allows flexible, automated handling of all movements of goods as well as the management of stocks in the warehouse complex.

EWM supports the planned sequence of logistical processes and increases efficiency in the warehouse. In contrast to the SAP ERP integrated module “Warehouse Management“ (WM), which is limited to the illustration of processes in warehouse management, EWM concentrates on integration into the whole supply chain.

INFORMATICS adapts all solutions to individual customer requirements. Accordingly, the use of either WM or EWM is recommended based on your requirements. In addition, we support you in the integration of various modules such as MM, PM, SD, QM, PP and more.

Flawless procurement with SAP

INFORMATICS ensures a continuous and complete logistics process chain with the correct implementation of suitable SAP modules. Due to many years of experience, we know how to create a connection to customers, suppliers and clearing centres, without losing sight of the customer’s needs. Challenges that arise due to various system restrictions are resolved with a multitude of innovative technologies at INFORMATICS. In doing so, we usually upgrade the standard functions with additional logistics – for example, interdepartmental procurement processes can be optimised particularly effectively, using SAPWorkflow scenarios.

SAP SRM, on the other hand, allows suppliers to be directly involved in the procurement process and the entire procurement process to be strategically oriented. Furthermore we support SAP with the tool MDG (Master Data Governance), which provides a user-friendly way to channel and approve master data changes. ARIBA has recently joined the SAP family, enabling us to offer end-to-end procurement processes as a cloud service.

Strong quality management with SAP QM

The highly integrated SAP QM module ensures quality assurance along the entire value chain and is equivalent to a stand-alone system. From quality inspection on receipt of goods, across the whole production chain, right up to goods issue inspection, SAP QM accompanies the entire logistical process. In addition, the module enables seamless tracking of quality data, certificate management, customer communication and recording of quality costs. The early detection of problem areas can be ensured by extensive analyses and evaluation possibilities - so you can intervene proactively!

One step ahead of the competition - with SAP TM

Low transport costs are a crucial component for the competitiveness of a product. With the SAP Transport Component TM (Transportation Management), you can achieve effective transportation planning and processing as well as the monitoring of all incoming and outgoing goods flows. All essential functions for transport handling are provided in one place, from which you can control and monitor the entire process. Other functions such as freight calculation, credit note creation or transfer to accounting are also available. SAP TM makes the area of transport management clearer, more secure and significantly easier to handle.

Individual processes with SAP SD

The Sales and Distribution module SAP SD offers a variety of customized process options, whereby financial integration in particular forms an important basis. INFORMATICS adapts such core processes to your needs and takes into account factors such as dependence on material master records, availability or pricing, as well as variant configurations, customer service and individual manufacture. SAP SD also focuses on customers and customer relationships, which is why the topics Customer Experience and OmiChannel solutions are set at a high level. Shipment, route processing and transport management are also supported, whereby we guarantee a seamless display of the delivery process, especially for more complex logistics routes by means of SAP EM (Event Management).

The value chain with SAP Retail

At INFORMATICS, SAP IS-R focuses on a holistic view of the value chain. Our experience in the SAP Core Modules supports us in our philosophy to use the SAP standard as much as possible. INFORMATICS not only attaches importance to a continuous horizontal process chain, but also illuminates the vertical variants in the process context. From procurement and logistics processes to POS integration. The successful implementation of a pricing calculation together with the requirements of promotion management is only one aspect that INFORMATICS considers. For our successful projects in the area of assortment design, campaign management or scheduling we have almost completely used SAP standard functionality. Enhancements have only been made if the functions were not yet available in the standard system.

Would you like to optimise your logistics processes, and are you interested in a SAP-based solution, individually tailored to you?
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