With INFORMATICS rta you are on the safe side!

INFORMATICS rta shows just how convenient and efficient modern management of regulations in SAP can be.

It is a powerful and convenient program for managing all legal regulations and the resulting obligations for your company. There is no other management system for regulations in the DACH region that is fully embedded in SAP. This is what makes INFORMATICS rta stand out. 

Audit and legal compliance processes are a wide field. Violation of a legal regulation can cost a company a lot of money. Save it for now: A comfortable user interface - the "rta Cockpit" - as well as integrated evaluation and monitoring modules make your task and activity management completely transparent and seamless.

Complete SAP integration

We have developed INFORMATICS rta completely within SAP. You do not need additional servers or SAP interfaces. INFORMATICS rta can also be easily integrated into your existing SAP archives and SAP workflows.

Automatic notification

INFORMATICS rta supports you in complying with all legal regulations by means of proactive notifications. Due to a clear traffic light system,"overlooking" an official requirement is a thing of the past.

Escalation management

A seamless escalation management optimises the performance of your tasks. rta objects can be used in SAP workflows to ensure legal compliance. 

How you can use INFORMATICS rta

  • Purchasing department: Monitoring of all types of contracts; for example, you will no longer "forget"a cancellation date in rental contracts.
  • Warehouse department: Monitoring of legal and internal requirements; an example:"Escape routes must be kept clear". They document the associated activities in an audit-compliant manner and thus achieve legal certainty.  
  • Maintenance department: Inspection of systems and tools; for example, you can map the ongoing maintenance of lubricants in machines or regular visual inspections.
  • Sales department: Mapping of a contract management system; you can, for example, intelligently organize and constantly check individual conditions, notice dates or quantities, even for graduations.
  • Production department: Monitoring of public or internal production requirements; for example, ongoing monitoring of compliance with hygiene regulations or safety instructions in a minute.
  • Human Resources Department: Ongoing review and monitoring of person-related requirements; for example, you can organize safety instructions, reading and understanding the company regulations, proof of qualification or fleet management with rta.
  • Accounting and Controlling: Monitoring of recurring messages; for example, you can monitor statistical messages such as customs tarif declarations or any insurance issues. 

Six convincing motives for the implementation of INFORMATICS rta: integrated, user-friendly, flexible, multifunctional, personalizable and secure.

well advised. in the world of SAP. 


For more details please contact Fr. Nicole Jauker-Nadschläger!

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