About us.

Who we are and what we can do for you.

We know about the benefits and challenges of SAP and pass on our know-how to you - transparency and openness distinguish us from others As trained business informatics specialists, we have a horizon that goes far beyond company-wide IT processes. An horizont, which we are happy to extend every day.

But it has nothing to do with us - it's about you and your requirements. We invite you to join us: We optimize your IT processes and therefore your business processes. If you need a stable and powerful IT system for your business, INFORMATICS is the right partner.  Be well advised. in the world of SAP.



Corporate culture

What is important to us and why.


One of the most important thing for us is the quality of our customer relations. In accordance with our credo, we therefore always pursue a partnership at eye level!

This means that any ideas and suggestions for process design and optimization are taken up and evaluated together with the customer.

And we love the challenge: We will gladly take up your idea and find the best solution in close cooperation with you.


Once we have started a project, nothing can stop us. Where other SAP consultants and developers are desperate, we start working with pleasure. 

We are curious, committed and like to get to the bottom of things. "Out of the box" thinking is part of our daily work. Of course, only to the extent that it benefits our customers and supports your company.


As your SAP consultant and developer, we come very close to your business processes and your system. Together with your team, we work to get the best out of your processes and are happy to support you with your challenges. 

We always maintain a transparent working method so that you can see the current, documented status of progress at any time. Because we see ourselves in the role of the supporter and know about the trust you place in us. A trust that builds on many years of successful cooperation.



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